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Friday, April 15, 2011

“you come alone, and you leave alone…”

Started writing this a lot earlier, but somehow it’s been a bit of a jumble sale today – and I didn’t get to finish… Getting ready for more wedding festivities this weekend… Am excited to see all my cousins, and praying that the weather holds up :) Starting to realize the value of good company, those who uplift you.. those who help you remember all that is truly valuable… Getting mixed up in the wrong kind of crowd often makes one feel inadequate.. Being with those, who’s values are strong, one is reminded of what really matters in life… As the old saying goes.. “you come alone, and you leave alone…” Have a great one bloggers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moments of Deep Joy, Satisfaction, Triumph, Travel, Adventure, Bliss and Celebration (Part 1: 14/04/2011)

Watching a dear friend get married this weekend, my heart was spilling with joy. I felt like the joy like it was my own.

My 30th Birthday – celebrated with those who love me, felt the deepest sense of gratitude… and I felt so much love around me… I have a wonderfully generous family.

The connection I feel with my grandparents is so special to me.

Passing my exams which reaffirmed my confidence and talents.

The feeling I felt when I was in the presence or connected to a Divine Being.

Knowing that a Diving Being loves me.

Having wonderfully nourishing friendships. All with their own flavor.

The ability to laugh from my heart.

Good health, good wealth.

A love and appreciation for beauty and the arts.

The hunger to learn more.

A hunger to travel, and being afforded the opportunity to see the world.

Knowledge of the soul.

A wonderful husband who loves me so dearly.

A wonderful sister who adores me.

A wonderful family that would drop everything for me.

Having a sense of comnpassion.. care... generosity... radiating love to those around me.

My 30th Birthday

List of Thank You's

Thank you for doing the bed every morning
For bringing me muffins when I'm sick
For spoiling me with my first pair of levis jeans.
For being a big sister to me
Thank you for encouraging me to follow my passion
For accepting that sometimes I am quite messy
Thank you For making your home a 2nd home for me
Thank you for being you
For sharing juicy chats over nice hot masala tea
For cleaning out my fridge :)
For stocking up my fridge
For your early morning SMSs
For all the laughs we share
For motivating and encouraging me when things look blue
For being honest enough with me to tell me when I'm wrong
For being a guinae pig and putting up with my cooking experiments
For fixing my car :) and not getting upset when its scratched again!
For teaching me about the world, books and encouraging my love to travel!
For making the best cupcakes ever!
For your wonderfully decadent Paapdi na lot
For the flowers you picked for me
For encouraging me to be surrounded by friends
For our daily morning chats :)
For giving me space to be myself
For teaching me that I don’t always have to conform..
For all your warmth and love
For believing me
For calling me your favourite niece :) I know I really am!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Puja picture from this weekend

The Office

Been glued to US version of 'The Office.' I love the mockumentary style and i LOVE the humour... Its hilariously funny... each character with his/her quirkiness, just add so much to the flavour of this series... Definitely rated in the Top Ten of my favourite Series!

my friend's wedding :)

Stunning weekend that passed. Watched a very dear and close friend get married…. Felt such an immense sense of happiness for her… a truly courageous woman, who waited for just the right guy instead of giving in to the many societal pressures. She looked ravishing, and had a beautiful inner glow, I felt so proud and happy to be part of her close friend circle on this special day of hers! Marriage can be an ardent task - i urge all single woman to cast away this romantic notion about it and be practical... truly know that the guyu you want to spend your life with is worth it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

BOOKS!!! Glorious Books!

There’s nothing like the hunger I feel when I get my hands on a new book…. There’s nothing like the bitter sweet sadness I feel when I’ve finished a book!

Wedding Fever!

There's nothing like the glitz and glamour that comes with an Indian wedding, it truly is the height of festivities and celebrations… I’m on the verge of celebrating 5 weddings this month – April seems to be the chosen month to tie the knot… It’s exciting times! An Indian(Gujarati) wedding starts of with the Ganesh Puja, which is prayer to the Lord Ganesh, who is the remover of all obstacles. Then comes the Pithi of Sev Murat. This tradition is to beautify the bride or the groom before the wedding… The woman of the family apply a special paste/mask made of turmeric and oil… this leaves the skin radiant and glowing… The next function is the saathak. This is an important puja or prayer session and is conducted at the bride's home as well as the groom's. A mahurat or auspicious time is chosen for the puja. This ritual springs from the belief that the stars and constellations exert tremendous influence on the lives of human beings. Any disturbance in the stars can cause harm or clashes in the marital relationship and the lives of the couple. The purpose of the puja is to bring peace among the stars The Indian wedding is made up of many small rituals.. the bride’s parents give her away… and entrust their daughter to the groom… The couple takes several vows together whilst offering prayers to the Gods… It’s a beautiful affair, and in typical Indian style – full of colour and food and great festivities!

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Major Pettigrew’s last stand is the charming novel I finished last night! The story is set in a quaint English village with its main character being a widowed Pakistani storekeeper and a widowed Major. I loved the way this was written, and I loved how the author challenged intercultural/interracial norms. A must read for someone who loves a very well written, slow paced and elegant love stories.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

India! Weddings! Lagan Chagan!

What a fantastic weekend! India won the world cup!! Nothing could be greater than that! Not to mention the very eloquent speech given by Sangakarra! All in all, the two best teams made it to the final… And with that win, so starts the beginning of a series of weddings… After the world cup, I kicked off my wedding season with a delightful bridal shower brunch.. the setting was beautiful and the bashing bride to be was stunned… Found it all very relaxing… The next few weekends, I will be attending numerous wedding functions…I have 5 close friends and family members getting married from now till the end of April.. its all a bit stressful, but I will take it in my stride and enjoy these momentous occasions. Yesterday marked the start of the Vedic New Year… This is what a friend at that AOL ashram had to say about it: Today is the first day of the new year, according to the Vedic calendar. This year is called 'Khara', which can be translated as 'stability'. This year brings a lot of good things & whatever you do in this year, will be firmly established & remain for a long time. So especially today, the first day, take good resolutions for this upcoming year, and start all good things today itself... Happy New Year!There is a cycle of 60 different 'years', every year having its own name, and specific qualities. Last year's name was 'Vikruti', which means 'distortion', and some of the qualities it has are loss of crops, and distortion of both nature, and the way people perceive things (good things are not taken in a good way, bad things prosper, etc). Soooo… Happy days to one and all….

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrated the awesome win last night! India creamed Pakistan, with Nehra being the most economical bowler – I couldn't believe it…


Started a Supper Club with our friends, a tradition whereby each person gets to pick a restaurant starting with a particular letter of the alphabet… yesterday was "a" so we went to "Allora."


I noticed the strangest thing with my husband and his friends… They just about always order exactly the same thing for dinner… and to drink…on more than one occasion… makes me wonder why? Do they really have exactly the same taste buds? Or is it just the natural feeling to do what your friend is doing? Hmmm… Baffled…

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful pics... Enjoy

Found these on the net, i just love them... Hats of to the photographer!

i LOVE it!!

White South Africa

It really saddens me that we are now 17 years into the democracy and white South Africa is still dominant in the business place… I have seen many white South Africans being promoted without the necessary experience and education… most have merely a matric qualification and yet are at really senior positions. What surprises me is that Senior/Top management is still predominantly white… Also I feel that white individuals are sometimes ear marked for certain positions, sometimes they cannot even speak the English language correctly, yet are given the opportunities. Promises of management titles are given to them, yet equally if not more qualified people of color are ignored. These people have to fight their way and work hard to prove themselves. It saddens me that this is still happening today. Companies need to be more transparent. Seems to me that the white people huddle together, and fend only for themselves! Disappointed!


Today the people of India and Pakistan will wear their hearts on their sleeves! Its truly a momentous occasion and I’m sure the atmosphere in Mohali is ELECTRIC... I really do hope that this match doesn’t turn religious... sadly political connotations already have their ugly heads raised... My hopes are that India win, have a soft spot for the country – the land of my forefathers… May the game be exciting, and may the atmosphere be exhilarating… and may all remember that it’s just a game and be peaceful!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


One word: Frazzled. Thats what i feel like after this weekend! It was a mix of crazyness... started off with a hectically angry storm which some how reflected within me... i felt like a crazy storm was happening within... Emotions array...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr Seuss... gota love the man

Today you are You,
that is truer than true...
There is no one alive
who is you'er than YOU!

Make life great!

This blog is dedicated to all those who like me are searching for something more... those who are loving life... those who struggle sometimes and those who merely seek a sense of freedom...

I feel blessed with my current circumstances - i face not war, nor natural distaster, and find myself surrounded by the gentlest of souls...and for this i give thanks...