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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

India! Weddings! Lagan Chagan!

What a fantastic weekend! India won the world cup!! Nothing could be greater than that! Not to mention the very eloquent speech given by Sangakarra! All in all, the two best teams made it to the final… And with that win, so starts the beginning of a series of weddings… After the world cup, I kicked off my wedding season with a delightful bridal shower brunch.. the setting was beautiful and the bashing bride to be was stunned… Found it all very relaxing… The next few weekends, I will be attending numerous wedding functions…I have 5 close friends and family members getting married from now till the end of April.. its all a bit stressful, but I will take it in my stride and enjoy these momentous occasions. Yesterday marked the start of the Vedic New Year… This is what a friend at that AOL ashram had to say about it: Today is the first day of the new year, according to the Vedic calendar. This year is called 'Khara', which can be translated as 'stability'. This year brings a lot of good things & whatever you do in this year, will be firmly established & remain for a long time. So especially today, the first day, take good resolutions for this upcoming year, and start all good things today itself... Happy New Year!There is a cycle of 60 different 'years', every year having its own name, and specific qualities. Last year's name was 'Vikruti', which means 'distortion', and some of the qualities it has are loss of crops, and distortion of both nature, and the way people perceive things (good things are not taken in a good way, bad things prosper, etc). Soooo… Happy days to one and all….

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