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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moments of Deep Joy, Satisfaction, Triumph, Travel, Adventure, Bliss and Celebration (Part 1: 14/04/2011)

Watching a dear friend get married this weekend, my heart was spilling with joy. I felt like the joy like it was my own.

My 30th Birthday – celebrated with those who love me, felt the deepest sense of gratitude… and I felt so much love around me… I have a wonderfully generous family.

The connection I feel with my grandparents is so special to me.

Passing my exams which reaffirmed my confidence and talents.

The feeling I felt when I was in the presence or connected to a Divine Being.

Knowing that a Diving Being loves me.

Having wonderfully nourishing friendships. All with their own flavor.

The ability to laugh from my heart.

Good health, good wealth.

A love and appreciation for beauty and the arts.

The hunger to learn more.

A hunger to travel, and being afforded the opportunity to see the world.

Knowledge of the soul.

A wonderful husband who loves me so dearly.

A wonderful sister who adores me.

A wonderful family that would drop everything for me.

Having a sense of comnpassion.. care... generosity... radiating love to those around me.

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